Ant extermination

September 13, 2013

gettind rid of ants

Ants are nasty little animals which gather in your home holding loads of food. These creatures travel through the use of holes in the wall, house windows, or other entrances throughout the house in addition they mostly target coocking area, in which meals are.
Ant extermination may seem difficult however, the truth is, it isn’t. You only need a few fundamental methods that can take you through your ant problem.

1. Blocking their entrance to the house. Ants usually stick to a single route. The reason for this single column walk is because they spread a scent that allows all the other ants to follow them. This is actually a good thing, because this way it is easier for us to trace which way they are coming from and the source or the original nest. In case there’s a hole in your floor, cover it up and block the entrance so the ants will keep out.

2. Destroying their nests. Ants normally build their nests on the ground. It can be built outside the house or in the ground underneath it. Make sure to get rid of all the nests by using ant killer spray or ant poison. Serve Make sure you use chemicals that won’t hurt humans, but will kill the ants.

3. Put around plants. Ants don’t like most of the plants. For example, Ants dislike the following plants: cinnamon, basil, thyme, pepper, peppermint, and garlic. Scatter around your house as many plants as you can and place them in a few on areas where the ants usually come from.

4. Ultimately, try to keep your house as clean as possible. Remember that Food and drinks attract ants. If we leave food laying around the house the ants will get to it eventually. To prevent the ants from getting inside the house, make sure to keep the food sealed inside its proper container. Best solution will be to keep the food inside the refrigerator or closed cabinets. Don’t forget to wipe food or drink that was spilled somewhere in your house right away, and use a bleach to remove the odor that might attract ants.

Ant extermination shouldn’t be a complicated thing. It only requires from us to stick to a few simple actions that will prevent ants from entering the house.


ant extermination

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